December Embers

A remembered December ember retouched for the new year remains. More on this much much later. But now a quick dust around an old type face. A spot of font mopping and ascender fondling. Seasonal and mature like scribblebibs. Does this font make my b*m look big? No? Sure? Good.  Thankyou. Happy New Year Prisca and Nick.

Asert yourself riflebags. Seize the page. Light the torch. Blaze a new trail across the sky or return early to a repaste of milk and cookies. A tough call. I’ll take an cookie and chew it over. Cymbal rash here. Morbi in sem quis dui placerat ornare. Pellentesque odio nisi, euismod in, pharetra a, ultricies in, diam. Sed arcu. Cras consequat.

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  1. prisca 05/01/2010

    and a very happy new year to you too, mr scribblebags :)
    looking forward to reading more of your ponderings here in the future ;)

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