Even Later than Camouflage

A Joke

This Time

Threads and Worriers

A Fight for Attention.

All Things Considered

The monkeys chewed it over.

As we can see.

Off they all went.

Not the Mona Lisa for instance

Too tired to shout . Too poor to fight for attention

No countdown for this either.

Experimentaly yours . Sir Squilfore Shaker


Bedroom posters covered the walls and tops of tables where the Count lay dying . His splashed yellow and reds still wet and dripping as Guinivere dusted the book cabinet.

‘Oh say can you see’, she coninued ‘that which I can see ‘, and his eyes moved slowly in his strained sockets at the ceiling as he worried his lower lip with a stained tooth. This used to be where the work got made. This used to be where he played the harpsichord and drew smutty pictures for his own pleasure . All gone. All destroyed . A wayward missile measured the inches to pages and pages of flesh and bones and exploded.

The world contined to hear Guiniver and Guiniver only . And . From the trees small stars winked at the room and pitied the small paintings with woody photons smelling faintly of citrous.