First Person Singular

Sunday. Maybe Monday. It depends on how you look at it but that’s where I am. Sunday . Or Monday. Work – pictures are made , water drunk – nothing more interesting , and music has been listened to. Why not mention some of the music played this weekend ?

I have amused and confused friends by raving about Polly Harvey this week. Confused them by referring to her in conversation as Polly rather than PJ . Whose Polly Barry ? From Compton ? I’ll google her . If anybody has played Dry or Rid of Me this weekend I’d like to meet them. Astonishing artworks that have new truths and imaginative twists with an old art form that sound totally present and worthwhile . And even better memorable as performances with some very fine playing through out both on guitars and percussion. Should it surprise me that a West Country Girl can take an old artform and bend it perfectly to her own time and experience ? Probably not.

There is so much more to do in these little electric spaces . I really do hope that this is an important start to the summer.

Time Marches On

and nerves and nail tearing won a January posting competition. Silly really but still. Now, here we are again practising with the administration  toys and expecting some Sunday night Midnight Horror to the sound of an old ‘Stones’ track. Sympathy for the Devil I expect. Of course I’d rather watch the hockey. I’ve never watched before but any old excuse and after all, it is the final. Even If i never spot the Puck. Which must be a large part of the thing. You say I digress. Sorry. Sighs. Publish and be Doomed. Prisca says ‘what could go wrong?’ Lots.

December Embers

A remembered December ember retouched for the new year remains. More on this much much later. But now a quick dust around an old type face. A spot of font mopping and ascender fondling. Seasonal and mature like scribblebibs. Does this font make my b*m look big? No? Sure? Good.  Thankyou. Happy New Year Prisca and Nick. continue reading »

A Sore Gum Post

If a throb inserts itself mouthstyle in an old mans blog gob does the world need to hear about it? Should this small swelling be broadcast? What would Alexander the Great have said? Can we know? Should we just shutup and draw? Bearing it without fear or malice. Just – Being in the world. Thats a shutup and draw isn’t it? (Thought so). Yeah well.Blame scrapplepop for asking wouldya?

Headache moves in to the skull next door

Headache moves in to the skull next door. Tooth envious.

Scribblebag tweet appears above Astro_Mike in the mission control centre. Scribblebags feels conflicted. Bathroom break coming up. Rather poor first wet shave gets the morning off to a gallopingly poor start. Back to bathroom to adopt recovery shave position.
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Xmas post

Scribblebib to deliver Mothers Xmas post. V.Important person this Scrabbledbob apparently. All the best jobs.
Xmas therapy vouchers. Please dont send me Xmas therapy vouchers. Wait until the new year sales. Be cheaper. Better. Thinking of you always.